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The season starts

While waiting for the first snow to arrive at La Crêpecidre we propose you a special week-end pancake: black flour crêpe with home-made chestnut marmalade.

Opening hours: the weekends of 6 & 7 and 13 & 14 December and after every day from 20 December to 4 January. We also installed a new sign to find the way to La Crêpecidre even more easy.

La Crepecidre - New sign

See you soon

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The end

If you feel that your whole summer is ruined if you can’t eat a crêpe once more before December, if you think that you will be damned for all time if you don’t have a bolée of cider tomorrow, if you think that your body will lack the vital vitamins from the crêpe of wild garlic, don’t hesitate as tomorrow is the last day of the season and a last chance to make your dreams come true for a long long time. Or at least till next December…

If we don’t meet, have a nice summer and see you next season!


Carole et Johanna
Carole and Johanna (the young artist who created the drawing) waving you goodbye

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